Empower your life, empower your world.

Portable Solar Panel

Empower your life, empower your world.

Start to Know Your Solar Panel

Using Monocrystalline silicon cell to lighten the weight and volume for our solar panel.

Up to 24% effective conversion rate.

Built-in regulated rectifier circuit box provides a stable voltage and continues efficient charging to protect your device from damaging device's battery.

USB-A QC 3.0 quick charging to shorten your charging time.

The quick charging port can output a stable DC power supply to charge laptops directly and achieve the goal of the most convenient light energy usage.

There is a special 18V DC line interface for charging the Togopower Power Station and the one-to-four adapter port is also able to power power station of other brands.

Frontier Technology

High Conversion Rate

Sunlight & Energy


USB-A QC 3.0 quick

charging port

Type-C port PD45W

One-to-four adapter

Competitive Advantage



Seven-layered structure enhances cell performance and longer service life.

Togopower portable solar panels innovates and develops ETFE to replace the traditional glass coating, which is waterproof, weather resistant and impact resistant, and the light transmittance increases from 87% to 95%.

Compact structure, folding design, easy to carry. Suitable for camping trips and outdoor activities.

Equipped with plug conversion line. Adapt to most power stations on the market.

Nylon waterproof design, easy to clean

Your Green Energy

Togopower Advance Series

Fashion folding design. Easy to use.

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Baldr Pioneer Series

Folding bag design. Smaller size.

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