Baldr Wireless Rain Gauge B341R
Baldr Wireless Rain Gauge B341R
Baldr Wireless Rain Gauge B341R
Baldr Wireless Rain Gauge B341R
Baldr Wireless Rain Gauge B341R
Baldr Wireless Rain Gauge B341R
Baldr Wireless Rain Gauge B341R

Baldr Wireless Rain Gauge B341R

COLOR: White

The weather station is equipped with a large, easy-to-read screen (size: 3.7" x 2.4") that provides you with a wide-format display of temperature, humidity, real-time rainfall measurements and a calendar. It also shows you a clear histogram of precipitation, allowing you to understand rainfall conditions during your chosen measurement period.

【Multi-functional Weather Station】With an automatic emptying rainwater collector that supports up to 3 channels and 100m wireless transmitter in an open area*, you can place the rainwater collector outside and install it in an accessible location to monitor temperature and humidity, it will automatically display current temperature and rainfall data, *high/*low temperature is also automatically displayed. The stylish appearance makes it not only a weather station, but also a good home decoration.

【Rain gauge function】The rain gauge displays the amount of precipitation for the selected measurement period, plus the histogram for the previous 6 hours. The automatic emptying rain collector can automatically fill the collection cup.

【Multi-position method】This wireless weather station with remote control sensor is great in any desktop position, it can stand on a table at a gentle angle with a hole on the back, you can place the weather station on the wall according to your convenience. So you can use it in your bedroom, kitchen, living room, garden to monitor real-time temperature and humidity.

【soft orange backlight function】When you are in the dark, just gently press the top button to turn on the backlight,* the care orange backlight is so soft that you can let your * see the screen at night and even get the data from a distance, providing you * protection. The soft white backlight will display for 8 seconds to turn off automatically.

Wireless Rain Gauge With Orange Backlight
Model NO.B0341WST2

Monitor Rainfall Amount of your home.

The BALDR Self-emptying Rain Gauge provides the real-time , accurate, reliable rainfall measurement.

How much rain did we get last night?

Do I need to water the lawn today?

A BALDR electronic wireless rain gauge will keep you up-to-date on precipitation levels around your area.

The Most Essential Device in Your Gardening


A smart device that helps you measure rainfall in your backyard.

  • It can display rainfall measurement in inches or millimeters, covering 1hour, 24 hours,1 week,1 month or the total precipitation since the rain gauge was last zeroed
  • It features the memory function to memorize the weather data.
  • It displays the time and a calendar for your convenience

Wireless, Self-Emptying and waterproof Rain Collector


  • Totally wireless
  • Easy to install
  • Transmits signal up to 328 feet (100meters) away
  • Updates inches of rain measurements every 16 seconds
  • Water resistant
  • One is included in the package


1x B0341WST2 Wireless Rain Gauge,

1x Rain Collector,

1x Instruction Manual



  • Item Size: 4.88"Lx0.94"Wx3.38"H (124x24x86mm)
  • Color: Black/White
  • Power supply: Main Unit by 2xAAA batteries, Rain Collector by 2xAAA batteries


1.Pull out the table stand bracket from the rear of the device and place it on any flat surface.

2.Hang on the wall via hanging hole.

Product Specifications

General In the Box1x Rain Collector



1x B0341WST2 Wireless Rain Gauge

Display Type


1x Rain Collector

Power Source Type

Battery Powered

1x Instruction Manual


4.88"Lx0.94"Wx3.38"H (124x24x86mm)



Battery Capacity


AC Outlet

120V, 60Hz, 300W (600W peak)


9.24lbs (4.2kg)


L9 x W6.6 x H7 inch(23x16.8x17.8cm)


≥500 cycles to 85%

Operating Temperature

14-104°F (-10-40℃)



In the Box

1* Advance 350 Portable Power Station          

1* Car Charger Cable

1* AC Adapter

1* Solar Panel Parallel Adapter (Cable)

1* User Manual


Can this diisplay read more than one outdoor temperature sensor?

I do not think so and personally I do not like this unit because the display never keeps the correct time even if you set the time it somehow gets off. You can barely touch the display unit and the rain gauge resets and there is times where the outside unit does not connect to the display unit inside and the batteries in both units are good!!! I would not buy it!!!

Does it work well in freezing temperatures?

Not really, I sent mine back. Anything under 20 degrees doesn’t seem to connect well.

How do you change from mm to inches?

1. Press and hold “SET/AL”button to enter into time setting; the setting data will
be flashing in 1Hz.
2. The setting order is: 12/24H→Hour→Minute→Year→MD/DM→Month→Date
→Weekday Language→inch/mm switch→C/F switch → Exit.
3. Press “MEM/▼”or “CH/▲”button to adjust data; press and hold “MEM/ ▼”or
“CH/▲”button will quickly change the data by 8 steps.
4. There are 7 languages selectable for weekday display: EN、IT、FR、DU、
5. If no operation for 20 seconds, it will automatically save and exit setting

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